1946 Zimmer House Trailer

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On Consignment:


  We have two Trailers available. So, make sure you understand which trailer your looking at. This listing is for the 1946 Zimmer House Trailer. Prior to the 1950's all trailers were called House Trailers. This is a fine example of one of these campers. The details of the 1940s you  just will never find in new campers of today.

 This camper is in need of a full restoration. The camper is experiencing water damage from the roof. At one point the interior was updated somewhere around the 1970's era. with wall panels. See our 1947 Zimmer listing for photos of its interior as it is original.

 This trailer does come with the rear cover that is missing in the photos.


This trailer was towed from Central Vermont and towed very nice. You will need transport lights and proper licence plates to take it home or flatbed.

No International Sales on This Item.

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