1957 Fan Trailer 16Ft. 7ft wide


SKU: 01

This is believed to be a 1957 Fan. We have brought this trailer to our shop. We have all the windows and metal. This trailer requires a full restoration. We will be taking the remaining frame apart. This trailer is offered for sale and with purchase will include a spot on our "Que". This gives you a direct spot in line to come into our shop. We hold a special spot in our shop just for the trailers we sell. You would be next in line.


 This trailer can be fully customized in just about any way you can think of. Some of the original interior comes with this trailer. This trailer was a project that was started and found to be outside of their skill set. We acquired this trailer and now offer it up for you to purchase. We have a bill of sale to go with this trailer.


Note: The siding is in great shape other then there are some panels that do have damage that is not repairable. We also took a look at the windows and they appear to be in good operational condition. 


If you have any questions about this trailer. Feel free to give us a call.



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