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Butyl Tape 1/8 Inch Thick x 1-1/2 Inch Width x 30 Foot Roll; Gray

SKU: 98-1206

Product Description

Ideal for rubber roofs. Heavy, flexible, non-hardening butyl material that remains pliable as packaged. Releases easily from its silicone-treated backer. For use under moldings, around windows, doors and vents. Can be used to seal and waterproof overlapping metals and easily shaped and formed to seal difficult areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal For Rubber Roofs
  • Heavy, Flexible, Non-Hardening Butyl Material That Remains Pliable As Packaged
  • Releases Easily From Its Silicone-Treated Backer
  • For Use Under Moldings, Around Windows, Doors And Vents
  • Can Be Used To Seal And Waterproof Overlapping Metals And Easily Shaped And Formed To Seal Difficult Areas
  • Can Be Used Under Framed Walls As A Sound Moisture Barrier
  • No Supplier Warranty

Price update 2/5/2024