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Services: Inspection of RV, Bus or Vintage RV

SKU: 001

 We offer a full inspection of your RV from the inside and out. We look at every detail we can see without taking your RV apart. We test all systems when we have approved the camper systems to be safe. We give a full report of what we have inspected. We photograph all details we see and make them available to the customer at request.

 This is a service that is a must for regular maintenance for those who are not able to do a yearly inspection on their own. This inspection is also used by Insurance companies and for pre-purchase inspections.

 On average the inspection takes up to 2 hours to complete. We charge by the hour. Your purchase here is for a 2 hour block of time. Any unused time is refunded. If the inspection goes over the two our time. You are charged our standard inspection fee of $100 per hour.