Consulting Fees - Tiny House


SKU: 002

  This is perfect for when you want to build a Tiny House of your own. Either we start with an older RV and modify it to meet your needs. OR We can build a All New Tiny House that meets your design needs. You can fully customize and make your dream come true.

We sit down with you and evaluate your project needs. We then create a contract to match what your needs are. We can build a basic structure and either we finish it or you can finish it. If we are rebuilding a existing RV, we then will either search for a trailer for you or you provide the trailer. All trailers built from scratch will have a Trailer supplied by our supplier to meet all DOT laws.

This Fee is for the basic consultation. We bill in @ hour blocks of time. We have found that 2 hours is enough to do a basic consultation. You will have a better understanding of the project and what would be expected.

Call us for any questions you may have.

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