Cordsets & Adapters


$121.59 $390.79

The RVEEL (easily engaged Lock) detachable cordsets have a patented jaw-clamp design that provides a one-hand operation and a secure waterproof seal, eliminating the need for a locking fing. The plug end of the cord features a large grip swivel handle. ParkPower also offers a full range of pigtail adapters featuring the new RVEEL technology. 5 year warranty.

25’ RVEEL cordsets: 30A(male/female).  50A(male/female)

RVEEL Pigtail Adapters:  15A(male/female).  15A(male/female3pole)

25’ RVEEL Pigtail Adapter:  (male2pole/female50A3pole)

5 Year Warranty 

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