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Edge Trim - Non Insert Vintage Trailer

SKU: 20-6996
Available for pre-order

 This is just like the original edge moldings found on many Vintage Campers from the late 1940's to 1960's eras. Found on Serro Scotty, Yellowstone and more.

 We have this product made Special for us.

 It is offered in two options. Soft - for curved walls (no holes)

                                          Hard - For the straight flat sections. (pre punched holes)

Note:  The original companies had machines to make the curves. It was typical to see a manufacturer to use two 16' sticks on each side of the trailer for the average trailer. For most restorers it is not easy to bend the edges. Our soft option makes this a breeze.

We offer the Soft in the 16' length only and the Hard in both the 16' or 8' lengths.

Due to shipping lengths. We can cut the length down to meet lower shipping fees per customer request. Contact us for the shipping fee.

Prices are subject to change.