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KiPOR Generator 1000 watts

SKU: 19-8515
Available for pre-order

Generator Power; Inverter; Recoil Start; 53.5 CC/Single Cylinder/Vertical/4-Stroke/OHC Engine/Air Cooled; Gasoline/ 0.7 Gallon Fuel Tank Capacity; 900 Watt Rating/ 1000 Watt Max; 120 Volt AC/ 12 Volt DC; 7.5 Amps AC Rating/ 8.3 Amps AC Max/ 5 Amps DC Rating; 4 Hour Runtime/ Noise Level 54 - 59 Decibels; Portable; 30.8 Pound Weight; 17-1/2 Inch Length x 9-1/2 Inch Width x 15 Inch Height; With Oil Fill Bottle/ Spare Spark Plug/ Spark Plug Wrench And Handle/ 12 Volt DC Charge Cables

  • Offers Unsurpassed Technology, Quality And Consumer Benefits In The Industry
  • Lightweight Portable Generator Power
  • The Alternator Is Connected Directly To The Engine, Eliminating The Flywheel As In Traditional Sets. This Design Results In A 50 Percent Reduction In Weight And Overall Dimensions
  • Unique Construction Utilizing The Latest Technology
  • Patented Cooling Air Intake Design, Smart Throttle Power Management, Sound Attenuation Construction And Inverter Style Output All Combine To Produce State-Of-The-Art Portable Electric Power
  • The Two-Tiered Noise Dampening System Results In A 10 To 15 Decibel Reduction From Traditional Generator Sets. The High-Efficiency Combustion System Results In Ultra-Low Emissions
  • Utilizes Inverter Technology In The Digital Sinemaster Series Generators To Produce A Pure Sine Wave AC Output. The Inverter Unit Tightly Regulates Voltage And Frequency
  • Offers Superior Overload And Low Oil Level Protection. Environmentally Friendly Class Of Generators In The Marketplace
  • The Unique Smart Throttle Automatically Varies The Engine Speed According To The Load, Resulting In Lower Fuel Consumption And Less Engine Noise
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty