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GM Silversides - Reproduction Michigan Clearance Light Lens

Available for pre-order

 We are reproducing a copy of the original lens in a modern Polyurethane which is also proven to have the UV protection that gives many years of use. The products we are using have been used in the industry for many years.

 We have casting experience with vintage car lenses and now will apply them to our Vintage buses.

NOTE: We are casting directly from a beautiful lens with its factory glass that has defects. We are not removing those defects as they add character. There may be a wave. or other feature. These were stamped in the factory. A hot dollop of glass was dropped in a two piece steel mold and stamp pressed. From factory each lens can have a set of unique features. Because of this. We will be molding off of two lenses so that you can mix between the two molds and have the unique features that glass lenses have. You will love this detail when you look close.

 We have also darkened the Red lens to match the rear corner lenses. These will look correct when lit up. Glass and Poly. light up differently and we want an even color in our lenses. GM mixed the red glass in one large mix and some lenses are thinner than others. This is why you will notice the color difference in glass lenses.

 We are working hard to provide a quality lens that we would be proud to install on our own Two Silverside Buses as you would on your own Silversides Bus.

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Check out the Lenses Below. This is a Brand New mold.

 Available April 2022


 Limited Production Run. We are attempting to make limited batches of each lens. Later production will be made based on pre-orders. qty. Will be updated as lenses are made.


Pre-Orders are being taken for Amber Lenses. Call to have an invoice made. Those are next in production.