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Rubber Roof Part 2 Option 1 EPDM Roof Coating

SKU: 13-1286
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Part 2 Option 1
Dicor EPDM Roof Acrylic Coating is the second part of a two-part, commercial grade system. It must follow the application of Dicor’s Rubber Roof Cleaner/Activator that ensures effective roof preparation and "lock and key” adhesion. Dicor’s EPDM Roof Acrylic Coating extends the life and beauty of your rubber roof membrane by forming an excellent protective barrier with its elastomeric (elasticity and flexibility) feature. The coating provides superior resistance to harsh weather and ultraviolet light and has great fire retardation characteristics.
Used To: Dicor Cleaner/ Activator
Weight: 12.5000
Compatibility: Rubber RV Roofs
Coverage: 125 Square Feet Per Gallon
Insulating: No
Color: White
Unit Size: 1 Gallon
Unit Type: CAN
Unit Quantity: Single



  • Extends The Life And Beauty Of Your Rubber Roof Membrane By Forming An Excellent Protective Barrier With Its Elastomeric (Elasticity And Flexibility) Feature
  • Provides Superior Resistance To Harsh Weather And Ultraviolet Light And Has Great Fire Retardation Characteristics
  • Made Specifically For Your RV Rubber Roof
  • The Roof Coating Contains No Harmful Petroleum Distillates, Harsh Abrasives Or Citric Ingredients That Can Cause Irreparable Harm