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Roofing Metal - Aluminum .040

SKU: alum040
Available for pre-order

We offer coiled aluminum .040 metal you can use for roofing material for your camper. This is not the same perfect quality as used on our siding. This is what is used on commercial trailers. It may have light scratches and dimples. It works great for those looking for a strong roof that will fight against the effects of Hail damage to tree damage that can occur in the northern states. This includes heavy wet snow loads.


This is a special order item only. Pick up in person. Comes in a coil based on ordered length.  NOTE: price is per foot length. We can ship truck freight at your risk.

Coil with is 8.5'    you pay for overlength needed.

We are unable to put a Pittsburgh edge on anything over .030 as our machine is set to only one thickness.