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Vintage Trailer side trim

SKU: 000-2

This trim is found on many vintage trailers of the 1950's We stock this item in our own shop at 18' lengths

These come in the Mill finish. No Pre-Drilled Holes. Able to be bent tightly.


NOTE: This Moulding is Specially Made for TwoFeathers R/D. It is made of Soft Aluminum so that you can bend the trim around corners. Other vendors will sell you the same looking trim but, it is NOT made of Soft Aluminum.

 This trim is 1-1/8" wide   and the edge has a height of 1/2"

We can ship these in a PVC pipe ( Extra Cost ) Keep in mind the longer the trim the more expensive the shipping is. We recommend 8' sections or pick up in our shop for free.

Please call us for shipping quote. We will purchase the PVC pipe with caps and attach it to your invoice. Aprox $10.00 added to the shipping costs. OVERSIZED