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Small Food Delivery Package


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Make your on-the-go food hauls more zippy and secure than ever before with our Small Food Delivery Package!
  • Insulated interior lining keeps food items hot or cold - to suit all food deliveries from sushi to spaghetti!
  • Reflective velcro top lid lining keeps you extra-visible to passing traffic. 
  • Detachable zipper front makes access to your food contents quick and convenient.
  • Built-in velcro side pouches keep your food contents easy to find and organized.


  • Lectric XP (2.0 & 3.0 Models)
  • Lectric XP Step-Thru (2.0 & 3.0 Models)
  • Lectric XP™ Lite*
  • Lectric XPremium
  • Lectric XP™ Trike
  • Lectric XPedition
  • Lectric ONE*

*eBike models with an asterisk do not include a rear rack to mount a rear platform, but can be purchased separately.

Notice: The Platform is intended to be installed onto the Rear Rack OR Front Rack. If you purchase both Food Delivery Packages & intend to use them at the same time, be sure to have a Rear Rack & a Front Rack, sold separately. 

What's in the Box:

  • Platform 
  • Small Insulated Bag 
  • Disassembled Fiberglass Frame
    • 12 rods
    • 8 corner connectors 

Product Specifications:

  • Platform Dimensions: 19 in x 20.5 in 
  • Platform Material: Sand Powder Coated Steel
  • Small Insulated Bag Dimensions: 18 in x 18 in x 12 in
  • 3/8th inch diameter Fiberglass Internal Frame
  • Small Velcro Side Pouch Dimensions: 6 in x 9 in
  • Large Velcro Side Pouch Dimensions: 11 in x 9 in
  • 2-inch plastic buckles 
Michael K. 

great even if you don't deliver food

I bought this to carry groceries. but I've found it useful as a general cargo carrier. gym stuff, tennis racket (barely), .... haven't gone for my first grocery shopping trip, but I've been using it a lot already.

Matthew L.


I can't begin to be thankful for the express my gratitude for the Lectric family!!! So I was changing a flat tire on the rear on my 2.0 and I snapped my derailleur hanger pictures below so I call local bike stores could not find a replacement!!!! I was told to get a hold of electric and they would be able to assist me!!! I called and was almost immediately put to a real person operator not a robot and began to explain my problem after I sent pictures and show what happened, she didn't begin to explain to me that they sold not just the derailleur hanger but the whole derailleur assembly kit! I begin to explain that I am short on money right now and I purchased this bike off Facebook market so there is no warranty of course before I could finish she told me not to worry there's no cost to me that she'd be sending me the whole for free 100% free no cost to me and I didn't even buy the bike from them I don't know how to warranty they sent me invitation to be a part of the family which of course I accepted and is so thankful that I bought at eBay not just the bike electric 2.0 upgraded ebike!!!!;!!!! Matthew Logan Hummel from Tulsa, Oklahoma, (Boomer Sooner!!!!!!)

Lectric eBikes Small Food Delivery Package ReviewLectric eBikes Small Food Delivery Package ReviewLectric eBikes Small Food Delivery Package ReviewLectric eBikes Small Food Delivery Package ReviewLectric eBikes Small Food Delivery Package Review

Fits, works.

Not actually for food delivery to anyone but home, works well to keep groceries cool-ish on the way home from the store.

Don S. 

It's cool

I love the cooler but are bikes were ordered may 15th it's July 3rd can't wait.

Pricing updated 6/19/2024