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Solar Panel Battery

SKU: 19-5620
Available for pre-order

Do you have a Solar Panel System on your Trailer?

You need a Battery that is a special Deep Cycle Battery that was designed just for Solar Panels. While the price is high compared to a standard car battery. Don't let that fool you. A standard RV Battery is not comparable to a Special Solar Battery.


  • 12V, 110AH @ C100 | 100AH @ C20
  • Float application: 13.5 - 13.8V
  • Cycle application: 14.4 - 15.0V
  • Maintenance-free, sealed contruction
  • Spill proof / leak proof (VRLA)
  • Integrated carrying handles
  • UL recognized
  • 67.5 lbs
  • 2 year warranty