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Thetford Toilet Tissue for RV/Marine

SKU: 13-0156
Available for pre-order
An economical one-ply tissue that is 100 Percent biodegradable, RV/Marine Toilet Tissue dissolves rapidly to prevent clogging in holding tanks. Designed specifically for RV and marine use, our toilet tissue dissolves quickly to prevent clogging in holding tanks. Plus they're soft and absorbent.
Type: Roll
Ply: 1 Ply
Number Of Sheet: 350 Sheets Per Roll
Quantity: Pack Of 4 Roll



  • Economical 1-Ply Tissue
  • Specially Made For RV And Marine Sanitation Systems
  • Prevents Clogging By Rapidly Dissolving In Holding Tanks
  • 100 Percent Biodegradable