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Vintage flooring Dark Tones

Available for pre-order

This is the real thing. We carry these tiles as they match some of the most common designs seen in Vintage Campers from the late 40s to the late 50s. We have many patterns and we can not list all of them. We have picked out the most commonly found patterns. We will list a photo of each of the tiles. Contact us if you do not see a color match that your looking for.



These Tiles are 9" x 9" and sold by the case approx 20 Square feet.




These tiles are a linseed based product. This is a natural product that will not hold bacteria and is found in all hospitals and schools. The color goes threw the complete product. We use this product in own restorations in our shop. They have a burlap backing that bonds to the adhesive. See our adhesive listed in the vintage flooring area.


Sold by the Case Only.