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XPeak Step-Thru eBike Off-Road

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Escape the ordinary with the Lectric XPeak. It’s an all-terrain eBike equipped to take you off-road and encourage you into the unknown. This ride has been tested to the most aggressive safety standard for mountain eBikes (eMTB) - meaning that it's durable and well-able to take on even the most rugged of terrains. Explore beyond your neighborhood with 26” fat tires, a 1310W peak motor, and a trail-ready RST Renegade suspension front fork to smooth out the ride ahead.


lectric ebike front RST suspension fork

eMTB Safety Tested

The XPeak’s frame, handlebar, stem assembly, and suspension fork are all tested to the ISO 4210-10 safety standard - meaning that it’s durable and well-able to take on even the most rugged of terrains.

lectric ebike RST Supsension Fork

RST Renegade Suspension Fork

The first and only e-bike in its class to come with a premium RST Renegade Front Fork including 80mm of suspension travel.

lectric ebikes motor

Impressive Power

1310W of peak power combined with our new Stealth M24 technology delivers a 400% quieter motor* that's built for the long haul with a 48V, 14Ah Lithium-Ion battery certified to UL 2271. The Lectric XPeak is also certified to UL 2849.

Hydraulic Brakes

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are paired with 180mm rotors, allowing you to stop on a dime.

Size Guide

Bike Dimensions74"L x 25"W x 42"H

Bike Dimensions with Front Tire removed59"L x 25"W x 32"H

Stand Over Height19.5"

Handlebar Height42"

Bike Weight67 lbs.

Bike Weight with Front Tire removed57.2 lbs.

Payload CapacityMax: 330 lbs. Never exceed the payload capacity. Distribute weight within the guidelines: Max Rider weight 330 lbs, Max Rear Rack Weight 60 lbs.

Rider Payload CapacityMax: 330 lbs.

Seat to GroundMin: 33” / Max: 45”

Handlebar Width26"

Rider Height5’2” - 6’3”

Handlebar Reach22” - 23”


  • Pedal-Assist

    Five levels of pedal-assist and an ergonomic thumb throttle deliver the speed and power to own the road as a Class 1, 2, or 3 eBike.***

  • Thumb Throttle

    An ergonomic below-the-bar trigger throttle designed for your thumb is easily engaged while simultaneously eliminating joint fatigue.

  • Motor Controller

    A 24 amp controller swiftly distributes power to the motor.

  • Motor

    A 750W rear hub-motor (1310W Peak) with 85Nm of torque delivers power and speed quicker than ever before. New Stealth M24 technology is 400% quieter*, delivering a hushed motor experience without sacrificing power.

  • Semi-Integrated Battery

    A removable 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery certified to UL 2271, integrated on the down tube of the frame, makes for a clean and easily-accessible design. The Lectric XPeak is also certified to UL 2849.

  • Fat Tires

    Puncture-resistant 26” x 4” knobby tires can handle any terrain with ease. Slime is installed to prevent flat tires at no additional cost.

  • Suspension Front Fork

    Adjustable RST Renegade suspension fork with up to 80mm of travel provides shock absorption for a smooth ride.

  • Brakes

    Hydraulic mineral oil brakes and 180mm rotors (1.8mm thick) offer ultimate stopping power and peace of mind in wet or dry conditions.

  • Lectric PWR™

    Lectric's new Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation (PWR) programming allows for an improved Pedal Assist experience by assisting the rider up to a certain power level for each PAS setting, instead of limiting the assistance by speed alone. Learn more about PWR here.

  • PAS Sensor

    Lectric's new PWR™ allows the rider to control the eBike's output with no additional effort so that a torque sensor is not necessary for smooth rides. Instead, the XPeak has a simply designed and affordable cadence sensor.

  • Drivetrain

    11-28 tooth, 7-geared freewheel paired with a Shimano derailleur and a thumb-triggered handlebar shifter allows you to swiftly change gears while riding to create pedaling efficiency and an easier riding experience at higher speeds.

  • Crankset

    Forged aluminum, 46-tooth ProWheel chainring is the perfect ratio for effortless 26-inch wheel pedaling.

  • Chain

    The XPeak's KMC Z7 steel chain offers consistent tension and secure performance throughout your ride.

  • LCD Display

    A backlit, heads-up LCD display provides trip and battery intelligence on the go. IP-65 rated electrical components ensure greater water and dust resistance.

  • Safety Lights

    An integrated safety system, featuring a headlamp and taillight powered by the battery allows you to be seen at any time of day.

  • Charging

    A charging port on the top of the integrated battery provides riders with the option to charge the eBike without removing the battery. Meanwhile, interchangeable spare batteries can be removed and installed in seconds, doubling your range.

  • Telescoping Seat Post

    An adjustable and removable seat post allows riders to reach a range of heights while maintaining comfort and stability.

  • eMTB Safety Tested

    A US-based bicycle testing lab put the XPeak through the rigorous eMTB safety standard testing process to prove the frame, fork, stem, and handlebars can handle off-road conditions ride after ride. The XPeak is rated to ISO 4210-10 eMTB.

  • Thru Axle

    The front wheel features a Thru Axle wheel attachment system for tool-free installation. This feature ensures a straight wheel, consistent brake rotor alignment, and handling stability. Remove the wheel in minutes for an easy and light-weight transport.

  • Removable Pedals

    Quick-release pedals easily detach from the bike for compact transport.

  • Grips

    Soft durometer ergonomic grips are full-length on both sides and easily customizable.

  • Saddle

    A custom-designed saddle compliments a sportier look while adding comfort so you can ride longer.

  • Kickstand

    A heavy-duty side-sweeping kickstand located near the chain stay keeps the eBike upright.

  • Accessory Mounting Points

    The XPeak frame features multiple mounting points throughout the eBike for various accessory combinations.

  • Hidden Cable Routing

    The down tube of the frame houses the main cables for a premium experience at no extra cost.

  • Frame

    The XPeak is available in 2 different frame styles; a diamond High-Step and an easily mountable Step-Thru.

  • Green Packaging

    Packaging components are biodegradable and easily recyclable.

  • One Minute, Tool-Free Assembly

    Simply attach the quick-release pedals and install the front wheel via the thru axle.

  • Safety Certified

    The Lectric XPeak is certified to UL 2849. Additionally, the XPeak's lithium-ion battery is certified to UL 2271.

  • As compared to previous 750W Lectric motors. ** Dependent on battery state of charge. *** Where permitted by state law.


PAS Controller Limit Battery Range
1 6A 55 miles
2 10A 44 miles
3 15A 34 miles
4 20A 23 miles
5 24A 20 miles

Throttle Only

PAS Controller Limit Battery Range
1 6A 45 miles
2 10A 30 miles
3 15A 18 miles
4 20A 14 miles
5 24A 12 miles

*All tests were performed with flat ground, with the tires at ~20 PSI. PAS range and speed tested as a Class 2 eBike. There were few starts and stops and total payload was about 180lbs. Controller Limit measured A=Amps.