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XPedition Cargo eBike

$1,399.00 $1,714.00

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The Lectric XPedition has been our most capable eBike to date. This cargo eBike was designed to be the ultimate transportation solution, allowing riders to tackle even the most daunting of hills while holding up to 450lbs. The XPedition is perfect for a wide variety of riders ranging from parents taking their kids to school, to delivery drivers needing to cover 150 miles on a charge. Our all-new Lectric PWR™ programming paired with a 1,310W peak motor and dual-battery setup option makes for a truly robust and enjoyable riding experience. Whatever your transportation needs, the Lectric XPedition is ready to take on the experience with you!

lectric ebikes motor


A new upgraded 1310W Peak Rear Hub Motor with 85Nm of torque.

lectric ebike exnternal battery

Battery Power

48V Lithium-Ion battery certified to UL 2271 with Single and Dual-Battery options to power your ride for up to 75 or 150 miles, respectively. The XPedition is also certified to UL 2849.

lectric ebikes hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic Brakes

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes paired with 180mm rotors.

lectric ebiKES, ebike frame


Carry 450lbs for 50 miles with only the twist of a throttle**.


Size Guide

Bike Unfolded72"L x 12"W x 46"H

Stand Over Height18.75"

Handlebar Height40"-45" (adjustable)

Bike Folded72"L x 12"W x 32"H

Payload CapacityMax: 450 lbs. Never exceed the payload capacity. Distribute weight within the guidelines: Max Rider weight 330 lbs, Max Front Basket Weight 35 lbs, Max Rear Rack Weight 300 lbs.

Rear Rack Payload CapacityMax: 300 lbs.

Rider Payload CapacityMax: 330 lbs.

Seat to GroundMax: 49” / Min: 32”

Handlebar Width25"

Rider Height4’11” - 6’5”

Rear Rack31”L x 6.8”W (300lb capacity)

Handlebar Reach17” - 24.5”


  • Pedal-Assist & Throttle

    Five levels of pedal-assist and a half-twist throttle delivers the speed and power to own the road as a Class 1, 2, or 3 eBike.*

  • Rear Rack

    An integrated Rear Rack holds up to 300lbs.

  • Tires

    Puncture-resistant custom Lectric 20” x 3” street tires make for a smoother ride. Slime is installed to prevent flat tires- at no additional cost.

  • Motor

    A 750W rear hub-motor (1310W Peak) with 85Nm of torque delivers power and speed quicker than ever before.

  • Motor Controller

    24 amp externally mounted controller is IP-65 rated and potted for weather proofing and heat management.

  • Battery

    Available with a Single and Dual-Battery 48V, 14ah lithium-ion battery certified to UL 2271 to power your ride for up to 75 or 150 miles, respectively.** The XPedition is also certified to UL 2849.

  • Drivetrain

    11-28 tooth, 7-geared freewheel paired with a Shimano derailleur and a thumb-triggered handlebar shifter allows you to swiftly change gears while riding to create pedaling efficiency and an easier riding experience at higher speeds.

  • Brakes

    Ultimate stopping power with hydraulic mineral oil brakes paired with 180mm rotors (2.2mm thick) offers peace of mind in wet or dry conditions.

  • Lectric PWR™

    Lectric's new Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation (PWR) Programming for the XPedition allows for an improved Pedal Assist experience by assisting the rider up to a certain power level for each PAS setting, instead of limiting the assistance by speed alone. Learn more about PWR here.

  • Weight

    Total bike weight with one Battery installed is 68lbs.

  • Charging

    An external battery allows riders to charge the eBike without removing the battery. An additional battery can be added for increased range. Meanwhile, interchangeable spare batteries can be removed and installed in seconds, doubling your range.

  • Folding Capabilities

    A foldable handlebar stem, and adjustable seat height allows the XPedition to slide into compact spaces.

  • LCD Display

    A backlit, heads-up LCD display provides trip and battery intelligence on the go. IP-65 rated electrical components ensure greater water and dust resistance.

  • Saddle & Grips

    New custom designed saddle and softer durometer ergonomic grips compliment a sportier look while adding comfort so you can ride longer.

  • Safety Lights

    An integrated safety system, featuring a headlamp and rear light combination powered by the internal battery allows you to be seen at any time of day.

  • Smart-Draining Technology

    A dual-battery system coupled with a battery isolator will drain 2 batteries at the same time allowing you to stay at higher voltage longer & reach up to 150 miles, respectively.** The bike will arrive with a terminal cover on the second battery mount but can be quickly removed to add a second battery at any time.

  • Folding Dual-Leg Kickstand

    An exclusive dual-leg kickstand located near the bottom bracket ensures the most balanced position for easy loading***. Pushing forward allows you to start riding without having to manually put the kickstand up with precious cargo.

  • Tire Shielding

    Specially designed transparent Plexiglass fitted to the eBikes rear frame protects cargo and passengers from the eBikes rotating components and debris.

  • Dual Seat Post

    An adjustable and removable seat post with two different expansion points allows riders to reach a wide range of heights while maintaining comfort and stability.

  • Adjustable Handlebar Stem

    Easily adjustable handlebar stem riser includes a quick-release lever to comfortably adjust your handlebar reach to your liking; bring your handlebars toward you or push them further back.

  • PAS Sensor

    Lectric's new PWR™ allows the rider to control the eBike's output with no additional effort so a torque sensor is not necessary for smooth rides. Instead, the XPedition has a simply designed and affordable cadence sensor.

  • Hidden Cable Routing

    A hollow top tube frame houses the main cables for a premium experience at no extra cost. Cables that may need to be serviced overtime are easily accessible and mounted to the underside of the frame.

  • Frame

    The XPedition frame is lightweight and sturdy 6000 series aluminum. It features multiple mounting points throughout the eBike for various tool-free accessory combinations, including 2 Yepp windows!

  • DIN Tested & Rated

    A US-based bicycle testing lab put the XPedition through the rigorous DIN standard testing process to prove the frame and fork can handle a 450lb maximum payload ride after ride. The XPedition is rated to DIN 79010:2020-

  • Color

    Fog Grey

  • One Minute, Tool-Free Assembly

    Simply attach the quick-release pedals, unfold the handlebar stem, and install the seat post and seat.

  • Safety Certified

    The Lectric XPedition is certified to UL 2849. Additionally, the XPedition's lithium-ion battery is certified to UL 2271.

  • Where permitted by state law. ** Range can vary due to weight load, terrain, weather and other conditions. *** You MUST hold onto the Lectric XPedition whenever loading cargo and/or a passenger. The kickstand is not designed to be used for loading cargo. Do not assume the bike is stable and balanced when using the kickstand. Always hold onto the bike when cargo is being loaded, in place, or attached to the bike.


PAS Single Battery Dual-Battery
1 75 miles 150 miles
2 55 miles 110 miles
3 40 miles 80 miles
4 35 miles 70 miles
5 25 miles 50 miles

Throttle Only

PAS Single Battery Dual-Battery
1 50 miles 100 miles
2 40 miles 80 miles
3 30 miles 60 miles
4 25 miles 50 miles
5 15 miles 30 miles

*All tests were performed with flat ground, with the tires at ~30 PSI. PAS range and speed tested as a Class 3 eBike. There were few starts and stops and total payload was about 180lbs.


Collin H. 

Incredible product

I use my bike almost as much as I use my car these days. Lectric has made owning an e-bike affordable and useful. Not only is the ride smooth and effortless; they also sell so many accessories to fit any lifestyle. I’ll never own a regular bike again.


Great purchase

Bike was a great purchase for my family and I.

Vince D. 

Fun with Special Needs

Must admit I was surprised by the set up and quality ride. I’m a big guy and Xpedition handled me well as was still manageable for my wife and special needs son on the back. Orbitor came with promo but for kid, the Plus 1 Chair seems much better set up. Orbitor fits the kid but rough on the back and hard to get out and stay balanced. Looking to buy another to get the rest of the family out together!

David R. 

2nd charger for my dual battery Xpedition

It works great. Love my Xpedition.

Lectric eBikes XPedition Cargo eBike Review

Great bike for the price

My wife and I bought an Xpedition for her last year to make bringing our 1 yr old daughter around town much easier. After riding it a few times I knew I was going to get my own. We know have two and I would recommend them without reservation. It's a great bike for the price.

Lectric eBikes XPedition Cargo eBike Review