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2024 RV/MH Traveling Museum Raffle Ebike

SKU: RaffleBikeRVMHTravelingMuseum

 This years 2024 Raffle bike is brought to you by TwoFeathers RV and Lectric Ebikes. All profits from this Raffle is to go directly to the restoration of a 1940 Travette. See Photos.


 Raffle Starts July 1st - Ends Dec 14th

Just in time for Christmas!

 This Travette trailer is well preserved but, does require some restoration work. The roof is a canvas which appears to be all original. It was very dry and has been torn. We plan for a complete replacement of this canvas roof.

 We also expect to do some minor paint repair on the exterior where paint is missing. We would like to preserve the original paint as much as possible.

On the inside the walls appear to be a Zebra/Walnut wood. much of the roof has become delaminated and will require careful restoration and or replacement.

 This is the only known example left of this model of trailer and features a Masonite type exterior wall. These were not known to hold up well to the weather. Very few trailers built in this manor do exist. 

 In the future this trailer will be included in our fleet to tour the USA. It has Many accessories from the area and is ready to be staged at an event once restored.


Lectric Ebike:  The Raffle is for a Lectric Light ebike. This bike features a range that can last a good afternoon of riding and more. It folds up to fit in your RV or Car. It is fairly light weight. It has a built in handle for moving.  The Battery is removable. If you wanted more range, You can just swap it out for a fresh battery.

 The handle bars fold and the mid point of the bike folds as well. This makes for a compact storage of the bike.  The shaft on the seat and handle bars allows you to fit the bike for your liking.

The bike does come with front and rear disk brakes. 

This is a fantastic bike. The value of the bike in this Raffle is over $850.00